About CTRN:
Change That’s Right Now

CTRN™, helps individuals, organizations and communities make fast, profound change — using the easiest, safest, fastest and most effective techniques on the planet.

The techniques we use have been called upon by the last three of the last five Presidents of the United States, members of several royal families, many of the best-known athletes and sports teams, as well as thousands of ordinary men and women over the last 25 years.

The efficacy of the methods we use is well proven, and widely recognized as the most effective available.

We work almost exclusively by telephone: the results are every bit as good and it allows our clients greater flexibility and privacy.

Clients of CTRN™ report dramatic and wonderful results, and we believe that they should only have to pay for our services when they do, which is why we guarantee our results. And because our work is so fast, the investment is far less than with other alternatives.

A medically diagnosed phobia for example — which we will only work with when referred by someone appropriately qualified — is typically removed without trauma in just a few hours, so the total cost to the individual is significantly less than other approaches spread over time.

The Methodologies We Use

Our methodologies are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy®. Both are founded on the findings of ground-breaking studies conducted at the University of California at Santa Cruz in the mid-1970′s, analyzing the methodologies of the most effective therapists of the day — Fritz Perls (father of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (to this day one of the greatest family therapists alive) and Dr Milton Erikson (considered the greatest Hypnotherapist of all time) — amongst others. The question the team headed by founders Doctors John Grinder and Richard Bandler asked was:

“How is it that these few individuals are transforming their clients lives in just a few hours, where most therapists are taking far longer, and in many cases getting very poor results? Further, can we isolate the techniques they are using so that they can be taught to others?”

It was found that the techniques could indeed be isolated, and are equally effective when employed by others. The field has been significantly developed and refined since then, and we believe that the Time Line Therapy® techniques developed by Dr. Tad James are among the most important of these developments.

Our offer, provided that the individual is appropriately referred to us, is to get a comprehensive result far more gently, significantly more quickly and at a far lower cost than other alternatives.

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